I have worked with The Kidder Group for 6+ years in my capacity as Vice President, Human Resources and Administration. I have worked closely with Gary throughout the years in filling various job openings ranging from Engineer to Accountant to Manager. Based on my experiences with The Kidder Group I would rank the company as a first-rate recruiting firm.

Gary distinguished himself by presenting candidates in such a way to minimize our legwork in identifying not only that the candidates he submitted had the knowledge, skills, abilities and education that met our requirements, but also that each candidate “fit” into our culture. Gary recognizes that the fit into the organization is as important, if not more so, than the candidates qualifications.

I consider The Kidder Group to be a solid partner with our organization. If his performance with (our firm) is any indication of how he would perform with another company, then he would be a true asset to any organization in meeting their staffing needs.

We will continue to work with Gary and The Kidder Group into the future and highly recommend them to any organization.

Vice President of Human Resources and Administration