Candidate Services

Candidate Services

The Kidder Group, Inc. is focused on uncovering, approaching, and developing a personal relationship with candidates who clearly stand out in the top 10% of their respective field. We model our recruiting on the same principles as a major league athletic team. There is a reason that minor league baseball players earn on average $26,000 per year and major league baseball players earn on average over $2,000,000. The difference is attributable to the impact that the player brings to the team. Our clients hire us and pay us well to find candidates who not only can “do the job” but someone who “get the job done!” We evaluate each candidate on their leadership ability and their future potential. We do this by reviewing past contributions to their current employer. Attaining the opportunity to have The Kidder Group, Inc. represent you as a candidate will not be easy. You will have to earn that position by demonstrating to us that you do stand out in the top of your class.

Our Methods

If you received a call from one of our recruiters, it was because you were referred to us by someone who is in a position to evaluate you. You impressed them. Many times the person who refers you may wish to maintain their confidentiality since we are also working with them. We firmly believe that our entire process should be confidential. The first time that anyone at your current company should be aware that you are even looking at other opportunities is when you submit your resignation notice.

If after our first conversations, you impress us, we will typically ask you to complete a Candidate Profile. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you can communicate in written format. There are several questions that prompt you to concisely present your past contributions. We only represent candidates who are aware of their impact on the top line revenue, bottom line profits and can clearly describe how they have initiated continuous improvement projects. If your profile is acceptable, we will schedule time to either meet in person if geographically convenient or speak on the phone. These conversations will last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours and often times take place in the evenings or over lunch. During this time, we want to hear about your goals and objectives. Once we have a clear ideal of what you want, we can introduce you to clients who are committed to hiring individuals like yourself based on similar values, morals and work ethics. The profile and our conversation is your opportunity to tell us who you are and why you are an exceptional person.



I have worked with The Kidder Group for 6+ years in my capacity as Vice President, Human Resources and Administration. I have worked closely with Gary throughout the years in filling various job openings ranging from Engineer to Accountant to Manager. Based on my experiences with The Kidder Group I would rank the company as a first-rate recruiting firm.


Starting our company in 1998, it took several years for my brother and I to finally realize that in order to effectively grow our company, we needed to surround ourselves with great people. I had known Gary since the mid 90’s and was always amazed at his endless efforts to reach out and network on my behalf, even though I had yet to source his services.


I have known Gary for over 10 years on both a professional and personal basis. Gary has provided our family of companies excellent candidates in the engineering and other fields for the past 6 years.


I have known Gary for over ten years and have not been associated with a person of higher integrity and character. Gary has become an extension of (our company) and an indispensable asset in our success.