Employer Services

Employer Services

The Kidder Group, Inc. is unique in today’s world. The value we bring to the table is that of qualitative evaluation of talent. Anyone can find resumes in seconds on the net; however, not everyone is equipped to really recruit. Our niche in the marketplace is uncovering, approaching, and developing a personal relationship with candidates who clearly stand out in the top 10% of their respective field. We model our recruiting on the same principles as a major league athletic team. There is a reason that minor league baseball players earn on average $26,000 per year and major league baseball players earn on average over $2,000,000. The difference is attributable to the impact that the player brings to the team. We know that you want to find candidates who not only can “do the job” but someone who “get the job done!”

Client Eligibility

Companies who wish to engage the services of The Kidder Group, Inc. must be viewed by their industry peers as being in the top 20% of their designated market. The company must be committed to securing the strongest talent available. This commitment is demonstrated by being willing to make offers that are above the “market average”. The company must be in sync with our candidate evaluation process. Our goal is to ensure that neither party experiences surprises in the interviewing process, during the offer and acceptance, or in the on-boarding process. The company’s word and signed fee agreement are their bond of integrity. The hiring managers of the company that we support will be of the quality of people that we would invite and feel comfortable with at our family dinner table.

Our Process

Our process starts with a strong foundation. Our partnership requires that we meet the hiring managers in person. We’re going to dig into the position scope; departmental objectives; expected and quantifiable milestones for 90 days, 6 months and 1 year; both functional and corporate organizational charts; company cultural and finally, the technical qualifications. The easiest part of a search is matching technical skills; however, the most important part is matching the corporate chemistry with a candidates creativity. This is our strength. We need 3 hours with your team, and it’s on our dime.

We go so in depth with our candidates prior to presenting an opportunity that we know them as people, not a one page summary. We work with the candidate to present their background specifically tailored to your opening. You can expect a candidate portfolio anywhere from 5-16 pages and will include everything from industry and technical insight to photographs and drawings that immediately connect the dots and color in the picture for you. Our goal is that by the time you finish reading a candidates portfolio that we literally hear you say “WOW”.

During the interviewing and vetting process, we take an active role. Many of our clients ask us to facilitate the second or third interview as well as brokering an offer in person. Literally, all three parties come to table where body language speaks volumes; concerns are addressed eye-to-eye, and a handshake agreement finished the meeting. This approach is aggressive, and it works. Remember, you are recruiting the talent necessary to win the game and the title! You are hiring winners!