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The Kidder Group remains committed to professionalism in all communications. We strive to answer and return every call, text and e-mail by the end of the day. More importantly, wherever logistically possible, we meet both our clients and our candidates in person. Our approach is in-depth and intentional to uncover what someone truly wants in life—not just professionally, but personally as well. We believe that by understanding these two critical components, we can truly help our client companies and candidates achieve their goals.

We will shake your hand and look you in the eyes. We will invite you to meet for coffee or lunch. We want to get to know you. We will guide you through our process, and only when we are confident it will be mutually beneficial, do we make the introduction.

Gary Tompkins – President and CEO 


MaryAnn Lander Donahue – Vice President


David Fleischman  – Vice President


Kim Tompkins – CFO, Marketing


6 Timer Lane
Greenville, SC 29609