I have known Gary for over ten years and have not been associated with a person of higher integrity and character. Gary has become an extension of (our company) and an indispensable asset in our success.

Gary has supported (our) organization with recruitment, training and networking. Both technical and non technical persons have been hired through Gary and he has met the mark on each request with multiple credible candidates to choose from. He works to understand the organization and fits each candidate both for the skill level for each job and also from a cultural fit within the organization. This is critical to having both a satisfied customer as well as a happy employee – a win win for each party.

In addition to the excellent work done in the recruitment of personnel, Gary has always supported (our company) with networking opportunities as well as any additional support requested and he always added value to the request.

I would recommend The Kidder Group and Gary Tompkins for any opportunity to support an organization in the recruitment of all disciplines required to run a world class business. The opportunity to work with Gary and his team will go far beyond the traditional recruiter/client relationship.